Sunday, November 8, 2009

bicycle people...

bicycle people...

I wrote this (song, maybe I'll post it up sum day, but probably not because there are two idiots in my head that just won't shut up)back in the early 90's...maybe 92 or was back when allot of my friends had developed drug dependencies...specially with coke...cause here on the border with Mexico and was and still is plentiful...

than some how crystal meth was introduced into their worlds and at first...allot of them thought that this was their drug savior...finally something they could do instead of coke...and it had the added perceived benefit of helping you get things done...cause with all the extra energy...something good has gotta happen right?

within the next year I watched this drug eat alive about ten of my friends, and two family members...they lost houses, spouses, jobs, sanity, love...everything...and they all curiously ended up on the streets living wherever and getting around on stolen bicycles...stealing, cheating,from family even... doing whatever they could to get money so they could get their fix...and than stay up for 3to 5 days at a time being chased by shadow people...and whatever else they had going on at the time...
It was like watching a beautiful train was devastating...

Bicycle People

Bicycle people, spin around in circles
dumpster diving in the middle of town
they carve themselves out a niche in this world
liberating freedom, where their freedom can be found

Its all the same to me, whatever will be is gonna be,
I really don't give much of a damn about it
all the same to me, you live your lives artificially
cause you don't need sleep when your on a mission

Shadow people, lurping around in the bushes
just dieing to turn them in
because they'll turn on a dime
always on the run, always in danger of something
playing hide n seek with the shadow people in their minds

Bicycle man, wanna be hustler
dreams of fat parking lots on the finer side of town
just like fruit on the vine, ripe for the picking
say he's gonna change the world one stereo at a time

Its all the same to me, let them see what they want to see
no one cares to do anything about it
its all the same to me, long as I know they are not out to get me
I sleep well knowing all about it

Bicycle people, spin around in circles
fuck like rabbits till the brink of dawn
share n share alike , if it feels good it can't hurt them
as long as the shadow people don't have um on the run
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